We Need Help

This site is getting old and is no longer technology-compliant. We have created a new one in the process of a diploma thesis. This new site is constructed as App front end and several Docker micro services. Unfortunately it still contains few minor bug. We looking now for a student (junior or experienced) who is willing and eager to learn new technologies. She or he could spend some hours a week and fixing those bug. We will introduce her|him to the fully automated continuous Integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) developer system. The payment is adequate but the learning effect is a much greater. Please read more here: Student gesucht.

Short outage on GitLab fixed

Sunday, 4. December 2016: our GitLab is up and running again. The GitLab was offline for a few hours. Thanks to Roli Gisler for his quick alert. Thanks to the elcore team specialy to Sandro and Dario which did a great Sunday afternoon job. We’re investigating actually the root cause. I’ll publish the culprit here.
Update 5. December 2016: After a brief investigation we found several issues leading to a SCSI-vhci lock-up. This seems to be an issue with the excessive load and the SATA card. We’re planning to move the repo data from SATA storage to our Hitachi block storage and attaching the LUN’s over Fibre Channel to the NAS head. This should prevent us from further disruption.

Our move to Rotkreuz

as you may know, the “Abteilung Informatik” has been transformed (or should I say “upgraded”) to an independent business unit called “Information Technology”. This means we are newly on the same level to the other University departments such as Business, Engineering & Architecture, Social Work, Arts & Design and Music. We also getting a new building, built for our purpose! This has several implications. Our Enterprise Lab will be moved to the new building, not into the intermediate provisional building. Guess what? The Enterprise Lab acts as a IaaS. So we’ve upgraded to cloud services – did we? Yes we did – 10 years had passed since.

Lab outage


The causative problems for the Super Gau on 20 February, we have not yet figured out. But we are trying to work up the findings. If you want to read a history of events look here. Sandro has made a huge contribution to the rebuild of the Enterprise Lab. I’d like to express my gratitude. Not to mention all others who offered an helping hand such as: Dario Lötscher, Philip Gasser, and Alex Suhl.