Terms & Conditions

With the use of any EnterpriseLab service (this includes software, hardware and documentations) you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

Furthermore you accept the “ Regelungen des Datenschutzgesetzes, der Datensicherheit und der Benutzungsordnung der Hochschule Luzern“ (Benutzungsreglement für Informatikmittel)


By accepting this Agreement you especially accept the following rules:

  • User credentials are not to be shared.
  • The initial password has to be changed upon first use and must not be easy to guess.
  • Any software under copy right is not to be shared or made available for others.
  • No software which allows to spy on other users or machines may be installed.
  • No software which allows monitoring network traffic may be installed.
  • No personal data may be processed or saved.
  • The system shall not be used in any way which might harm personal rights or privacy of any human being.
  • The system shall not be used to harm any copy right or license agreement.
  • No action will be done which could conflict with the law.
  • EnterpriseLab resources must not be used in any commercial way.
  • Technical-support is only be used for hardware specific problems. Problems with additional installed software is your own business.