Watch the Enterprise Lab

Michael and I did a presentation of the lab to high school students. The students-to-be in computer science were very interested in the high tech storage network and the corespondent virtualization technologies. I don’t know how much of those presentation I’ve already made since we opened 18 Months ago, but it’s still fun for me to watch those young people listen to us with shining eyes.

Sun and Microsoft Interoperability

Who says Microsoft Client application can’t be used with scalable and high available server applications such as JEE5 implementations?

Stefan Jaeger and Roland Iten, 2 of recently graduated students showed Java Enterprise expertise in their project work. As a logical consequence they continued the path in the diploma work. Earning highest marks, the 2 students took the challenge building an Fibre Channel error prediction and correlation tool. Of course the students off site research work sometimes being of interest as well. Stefan Jaeger wrote a paper how a C# Client application could use EJBs. Read the paper posted in our Wiki .