Lab outage


The causative problems for the Super Gau on 20 February, we have not yet figured out. But we are trying to work up the findings. If you want to read a history of events look here. Sandro has made a huge contribution to the rebuild of the Enterprise Lab. I’d like to express my gratitude. Not to mention all others who offered an helping hand such as: Dario Lötscher, Philip Gasser, and Alex Suhl.

Gitlab Upgrade

Today we upgraded our Gitlab Instance from 7.14.1 to 8.4.2 .  I hope you enjoy the new design and alot of pretty good small new features. As an example have a look at the upgrade file menu – modern and easy to use. I took the chance and changed our SSL Certificate from StarCom to Letsencrypt. Hopfully there will be no more untrusted server notifications anymore :)