Congratulation ELteam

That was quite an effort done by the members of the ELteam. Wednesday, 9. October 2013, 13:00 the total disaster happened. Shortly after we had the first disaster meeting. The team decided to use this power outage for a complete move of all the gear from the basement d300 to the F-floor at the top of the building. This was possible due to the planning we have already done since we had in mind to execute the move in the next few weeks.  Thursday at 03:00 most of the services and resources for education & research have been online again. Guys – I’d like to say thanks for your commitment to the Enterprise Lab and the willingness to sacrifice your deserved closing time. You did a hell of a job.

Thanks to:

Marcel Gschwandl, Jose Luis Barahona, Philippe Schnyder, Philip Gasser, Christoph Bieri, Marzell Camenzind, Alexander Suhl