New Videos

We recorded several course lectures from the autumn semester held by industry experts or computer science researchers.

One of the courses is ENAPP (Enterprise Application). The students learn how to design and write a web shop who integrates with several enterprise resources. This is done with JEE6 technology.

Another course is SSM (System and Service Management). The students learn how data centers are build and managed.

One topic in the SSM course is Storage Systems. This lecture is read by Gaetano Bisaz – Oracle (former Sun Microsystems) Storage Architect. See and hear his interesting lecture with lots of stories from his 20+ year experience in storage here.

One topic im the ENAPP course is “Enterprise Security” where the students change realms, secure beans through principals and roles and study declarative versus programmatic security. This lecture is read by Fabian Aschwanden.

Another topic in the Enterprise Application course is how to make the whole software system reliable. Topics are high availability, scalability, load balancing and application level clustering. There is one great icon in this field living in Switzerland (after several years living in Silicon Valley), working for JBoss (employee number seven, or should I say 007?). His Name is Dr Bela Ban, inventor of JGroups and Infinispan. He reads the subject of reliable software systems every year at our University.

See both, the Security and the High Availability lectures, here.