World Wide Education and Research Conference San Francisco 2008

This years’ education and research conference was held again in my favorite city San Francisco. The lead story was “The Power of the Community”  Sun Microsystem World Wide Education and Research Conference 2008, San Francisco Prof. Hansjoerg Diethelm and me attended the WWERC 2008. And with great satisfaction I must say: I was a god event, with “on the edge discussions”, and some ideas about the way the community will lead us. Yes, the power lies by the consumer, the Creative amongst us showing new business models and the Web 3 as an instrument for use.

Hey, we met KATHRYN D. SULLIVAN (PH.D.), NASA Astronaut, did you ever met a an Astronaut in person? I was impressed by this woman who has conquered space. She spent 532 hours in space.

We listen to and we talked to great people. The People of Sun enabled connections which always ended with a very interesting and helpful chat.

Still shining brighly our Sun Lab

They ‘re always worth reading, I’m talking about the Sun Blogs. Some containing deep insight technical topics and others just showing Suns relation with end users. I was pleased when Rebecca and Michael started conversation about “what we do in our Lab”. One of the very best thing on our partnership with Sun is even not mentioned, something which is not visible in written words: It’s the close working with Sun engineers, those “always helpful and concerning about best solution” people working within Sun. Thats a really advantage on all our education and research work regarding the involvement of our Lab. Read the blog: