World Wide Education and Research Conference San Francisco 2007

Prof. Hansjoerg Diethelm, Head of Computer Science and Bruno Joho, Head of Enterprise Lab followed an invitation from Sun Microsystems to held a speach at the WWERC February 2007 in San Francisco. More than 400 attendees, most from University education and research around the globe, listen to Prof. Diethelm’s talk about the Bologna Reform which should bring the European higher education system closer together and flaten the hurdles between the countries. Mr. Joho gave a short introduction over the functionality of the new lab and its aim for the educational purpose.
In the following panel discussion lead by Rich Green, Executive Vice President, Software Sun Microsystems, Inc. the discussion focussed on Universities’ needs and the role Sun is playing.

Read Prof. Diethelms speech or have a look into his slides and my slides.